Myotherapy Is An Effective Treatment To Relieve Pain

Never heard of anything about Myotherapy? Well, it can be of great benefit to you. If you are feeling pain in any part of your skeleton or muscle than Myotherapy Oak Park is the thing you should be aware of. To relieve pain or correcting the dysfunction, determining the source of that pain and dysfunction is the most important. This is the job of Myotherapists.

Myotherapists are the specialized people who are trained to determine the cause and source of pain and dysfunction in any of your muscles, joints, nerves or bones. In this way, you can be provided with accurate treatment and this will also help you to keep yourself away from these pains in future.

To become a Myotherapist, one needs to complete a Bachelor Degree in Musculoskeletal Therapy or Myotherapy. After completing the degree, Myotherapists become trained to not only treat a number of conditions but also they can help you to learn how to manage these conditions including chronic issues. The chronic issue can be any of the followings:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bulging discs
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Back Pain Oak Park
  • Lupus
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Other inflammatory arthritides

The process starts with checking your complete health and medical history. The Myotherapist will perform this task before performing any physical and postural assessment. Before starting the treatment, neurological and orthopaedic testing and biomechanical investigations will be performed. The Myotherapist  not only treat the symptoms but also identify the causes.

How effectively treat the muscular, joint, nerve and skeletal pain

The therapist starts the therapy once all the assessments have been made. A combination of different therapies will be used as per the pieces of evidence. A Chiropractor Essendonchiropractor GlenroyChiropractor Pascoe ValeChiropractor HadfieldChiropractor StrathmoreChiropractor CraigieburnChiropractor Broadmeadows

These therapies can include:

  • Massage

Therapists can apply either soft or deep tissue techniques. These techniques address both muscle contracture and neurological upregulation.

  • Joint mobilization

This technique helps to restore normal and pain-free movement of joints.

  • Trigger point therapy

Known as “good pain”, this therapy retrain the pain receptors in the brain. This has been done by applying a different level of pressure on areas of muscle spasm to relax the muscle.

  • Dry needling

This technique is very close to acupuncture. Needles are inserted into the trigger point f muscle. The knot of your muscle is known as a trigger point.

  • Facilitated stretching

This technique is applied to a group of stretched muscles. This helps to overcome neurological response from the brain to stop stretching prevents full stretching of muscles.

  • Cupping

This technique uses local suction on the skin to create increased blood circulation. This technique helps to reduce pain and swelling in tissues.

  • Cryotherapy

These are a combination of cold techniques. These techniques help to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling.

  • Strapping

A specialized tape applied to an area. This helps to stabilize and support injury, decrease pain and facilitate normal movement and posture.

  • Exercise prescription

These techniques are used to speed up recovery. These techniques include different exercises, stretching and strengthening techniques.

  • Postural, Ergonomic and Sporting Technique Advice

These techniques are helpful for speedy recovery and especially to avoid similar pains in future. These techniques are about learning how to sit, stand and move with correct posture; often seeing a local Chiropractor near Glenroy, Campbellfield and Oak Park would help!

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Symptoms And Types of Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common symptom affecting people across the world. People of all ages undergo this condition which can be quite disturbing. The overall prevalence of knee pain among populace is around  19%. It is estimated that the overall prevalence of knee pain among men is between 15 and 20% while  the overall occurrence of knee pain among women is about 20%, slightly more than men.

You may experience knee pain as a result of an injury, torn cartilage or a ruptured ligament. Some medical conditions such as infections or arthritis may also lead to knee pain Five Dock. This health condition is manageable and there are a number of treatments that can   help you ease your pain, with local Sydney physiotherapists able to help. But in case of more serious knee problem you may have to go for a surgery.

Common Symptoms of knee pain

Knee pain may have different level of intensity. Some of the common symptoms of knee pain are:

  • Weakness
  • Swelling and stiffness
  • Instability
  • Popping or crunching noises
  • Difficulty to straighten the knee


Knee pain can be of many types such as:

  1. Lateral knee pain
  2. Frontal knee pain
  3. Knee pain in the front of your knee
  4. Pain behind nneecap


  1. Lateral knee pain

This kind of knee pain affects the external area of your knee. A number of injuries can lead to this kind of knee pain.  Lateral cartilage injuries are one of the most common causes of lateral knee pain. That includes injury to your lateral collateral ligament (LCL). Causes of this kind of injuries include a sudden trauma to the interior of your knee that might happen as a result of sudden twist or during a tackle. The outer region of your knee may also hurt due to another kind of injury called lateral meniscus tear. It usually happens as a result of a sudden force or twist of your knee. Aging may also lead to this kind of injury to your knee.

  1. Frontal Knee Pain

You may experience pain at the border of your knee which may result due to various causes including muscle imbalance, too much exercise or dislocated or maltracking patella. Runner’s knee is another kind of condition that may lead to anterior knee pain. This kind of injury occurs while running or when you over your knee.

  1. Knee pain in the front of your knee

You may also experience pain in the front part of your need due to injuries such as Jumper’s knee. This kind of injury can lead to knee pain in the front side, under kneecap. This kind of injury is scientifically known as patellar tendonitis and occurs as a result of overuse and overstress.

  1. Pain behind Kneecap

This is another type of common knee pain that affects the back of the kneecap. It more commonly affects the frontal, medial, and side. Baker’s Cyst is another common injury that leads to knee pain of this type. It is an inflamed lump that shows on behind the knee. Arthritis and cartilage tear include some of its common causes. This kind of pain may also result due to other conditions such as tennis leg and Gastrocnemius tendonitis.

Hopefully, your knowledge on knee pain will take a boost from having read this article.

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Is Your Child Suffering from Stuttering? Causes, symptoms and treatment of stuttering

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a fluency disorder where a person may not be able to speak fluency. It is also referred to as stammering Sydney. While those who suffer from this condition are clear about what they want to express but they fail to do so due to a lack of speech fluency.

They may prolong words or letters or repeat a word more than once before they can get the message across. Stuttering is a common condition among kids but some adults also undergo this issue. Many kids stutter while they are developing their language and speech skills. The good news is that even the ones who suffer from this condition outgrow this condition in most cases. But it can be more serious is some kids and may continue during the later years of life as well; often might be best to visit a paediatric speech therapist.


According to researches, there are various causes of stuttering. Some of the possible causes of stuttering are:

  • Abnormalities in speech motor control. Abnormalities in speech motor control, like sensory, timing, and motor coordination may be the cause of this condition.
  • Genetics. Studies show that stuttering may run in families. It seems that this condition may result from genetic abnormalities as well.

Other causes

Other possible causes of stuttering include:

  • A stroke
  • Brain disorders
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Emotional stress
  • Emotional trauma


If your kid is having problems in fluency, looking for the following signs may help you determine if he is suffering from stuttering:

  • Problem in beginning a word
  • Prolonging a word or sounds
  • Anxiety about expressing himself
  • Repeating a sound or word
  • Rapid eye blinking
  • Head jerks

This condition sometime even gets worse when a person is stressed or excited. Addressing people in groups or while speaking over call can be hard for those who suffer from this condition.

When to see a speech pathologist

If you notice your kid stuttering it does not have to be an alarming sign in all cases. The reason is that many kids do stutter between two to five years of age. With time their speaking abilities improve and this problem goes away itself. But if your child has crossed this age bracket and is still stuttering, make sure you visit a speech pathologist. You should see speech therapists if:

  • If the condition does not subside by 6 months of age
  • If it takes place along with other issues of the same kind
  • If it becomes more often
  • If continue in later years of life
  • If stuttering affects effective everyday communication


A speech pathologist and speech therapist Penrith can diagnose stuttering and offer suitable treatment depending on the particular cause. People suffering from stuttering may benefit from treatments like speech therapy for children Bella Vista. A speech pathologist may also treat this condition using electronic devices that would help a person improve speech fluency.

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Different Kinds of Health Therapies

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy also sometimes called as the physical therapy is a specialized field of medical science which uses techniques such as physical movements and forces to heal and correct impairment. It is a drug free healing process and relies completely on the exercises, manual therapies, acupuncture, etc for relieving pain, correction of muscles and increasing mobility.

The therapy is provided by the experts called the physiotherapist using various techniques developed over time. Physiotherapists are specialized professionals having educational degrees in the course and are licensed to practice physiotherapy.

Benefits of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy provides ample benefits to people of all age groups, whether recovering from any major injury, minor muscle pain or any chronic disease. It involves various physical exercises to heal and improve muscle strength, mobility and endurance. Below listed are some of the most visible benefits of physiotherapy.

  1. Most of the injuries or surgeries leave the muscles in poor conditions leading to major difficulties in movements. Regular physiotherapy sessions, improve muscle strength and mobility and thus quicker recovery.
  2. Active physical exercises and breathing routines improve cardio-respiratory function, making the individuals healthy and boosting immune system.
  3. Physiotherapy is drug free and thus best suited for the people who are averse to medicines.
  4. Since the therapy involves many different ways of healing, overall body gets rejuvenated. The hormonal, nervous, immune systems get activated leading to better blood circulation. This in turn helps in better metabolism.

Types of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is generally recommended for both major and minor injuries and as a rehabilitation measure after major surgeries like orthopedics, cardiac, neurological, and abdominal surgery. Both injuries and surgeries make the patient’s body weak and jammed, physiotherapy helps in revitalizing the muscles and joints and activate the body again. Depending upon the need, physiotherapy can be classified into various types; some of the most commonly recommended physiotherapies are as follows

  1. Orthopedic (Aligns with podiatry)

As the name suggests, this therapy focuses on reliving pain and correcting ailments related to muscles, joints, ligaments and bones.It can also refer to any pains or problems associated with one’s feet or lower limbs) If someone is experiencing problems with their toes, toenail fungus laser treatment in barangaroo may help.

  1. Neurological

This therapy is provided to patients with neurological impairments. Some of the ailments viz Cerebral Palsy, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, injuries related to spinal cord, genetic disorders like Parkinssons and Alzhemier’s require physiotherapy assistance in order to help individuals perform day to day activities effectively.

  1. Sports Physiotherapy

This special sub-category helps in early and efficient recovery from the injuries arising out of the sports or outdoor related activities. Muscular pains, ligament injuries, etc can be efficiently treated through sports physiotherapy. Moreover, owing to the increasing demand throughout the world, sports physiotherapy has become highly popular in sports world and outside.

  1. Vestibular rehabilitation

Physiotherapy helps in maintaining body balance, which may be lost due to vertigo or dizziness.

  1. Pediatric

Even the children can benefit from the physiotherapy procedures. This type of physiotherapy helps in addressing problems faced by infants and young kids. Pediatric physiotherapy proves to be extremely helpful in scenarios where children are detected to be born with genetic disorders, limb deficiencies, birth defects, etc. in toddlers, delayed development, acute limb injuries, head injuries, etc require special physiotherapy attention for restoring of proper body functioning.

  1. Geriatric

This branch focuses on special needs of the elderly members of the society. With age comes lot of joint related problems. Geriatric physiotherapy helps in addressing to the movement and balance related old age problems of the adults. Other than this, certain elder patients with other ailments like Alzehmier’s and cancer can also be assisted to carryout normal day to day activities through regular physiotherapy sessions.

  1. Cardiopulmonary

Patients facing cardiac and pulmonary diseases like heart attacks, pulmonary fibrosis, etc can be helped through physical exercises and breathing routines to improve cardio-respiratory functioning and to increase stamina. Physiotherapists help in increasing fitness levels of the individuals by activating hormonal and neural system of the body through the therapy.

  1. Post Natal

Pregnancy brings along its own set of anxiety and stress in women, this sub specialization of physiotherapy helps in quick restoration of women to her natural health after pregnancy. The anxiety levels and stress can be effectively controlled through regular physiotherapy sessions.


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Myotherapy is Beneficial for Physical and Emotional Health

Myotherapy is Beneficial for Physical and Emotional Health

When many people think of massage they immediately envision a spa treatment. The therapeutic massage available at a Myotherapy clinic shouldn’t be confused with the sessions offered at spas. Massage therapy at the practice is specifically designed to treat injuries and chronic disease, alleviate pain and provide rehabilitation. It’s beneficial for sports-related conditions, improving sports performance, and alleviating knots that can form in muscles. massage

Massage therapy has a variety of emotional and psychological components. It’s beneficial for relieving depression, anxiety and seasonal disorders. It’s an important element in programs for managing stress, smoking cessation, anger and weight loss. The power of therapeutic touch has been thoroughly documented and massage provides touch that’s beneficial for physical and emotional health.

From migraines and TMJ pain to chronic disease and injuries sustained during work and sports, therapeutic massage holds an essential place in treatment. It’s effective in addressing neurological dysfunction, digestive disorders and poor lung function. Massage aligns the spine for better posture and enhanced sleep, lowers blood pressure and improves circulation.

Massage enhances post-operative rehabilitation and works with the body’s own abilities to accelerate healing while strengthening the immune system. Therapeutic massage helps counteract the stiffness, joint stress and postural problems associated with employment that requires sitting for extended periods of time.

Those undergoing cancer treatments and therapies are often prescribed massage therapy to ease the effects. People who have experienced strokes will benefit from massage, along with individuals with osteoarthritis. It’s also a preventative measure and new research indicates including massage in a regular health and wellness plan may even help patients resist the aging process longer.

Massage therapy has been practiced for thousands of years for its multitude of health benefits and it’s no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. Anyone can access the benefits of massage therapy to ease their pain, rehabilitate injuries and reap the many health and wellness advantages to be obtained from the physiotherapists at a Myotherapy Glen Waverley clinic.

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Physiotherapy for Singapores athletes

Physiotherapy Singapore is an exciting new concept,  a physiotherapy clinic run by athletes, for athletes and the general population. We have been operating physiotherapy clinics for expatriates and athletes in Japan for many years, and we are now bringing that collective expertise to Singapore. Our team also offer expertise in Sport Massage Singapore .singapore physio

We provide treatment for wide range of conditions including non-specific sports injuries, post surgery rehabilitation, office ergonomic consultations, lower back and neck pain, women’s health and paediatric physiotherapy.

We also offer professional bike fitting services Singapore with our certified bike fitter, assisting you in obtaining the correct bike setup to enhance your performance and reduce the risk of injury.

We ensure your therapist will only be seeing you during the consultation, so you can meet your goals faster.  If you have suitable international health or travel insurance you will be able to claim the cost of your treatment.

To find out more information please visit our website or call us 6887 4190